A wide range of standard and special Diamond Products are formulated and manufactured in our quality controlled laboratories. Each Supertek Diamond Product is a special blend of Diamond Powder with a specific grading and concentration and chemical carrier to give:

• The optimum stock removal and surface finish
• Ease of cleaning
• Temperature resistance
• Lubrication to prevent drying out.

Diamond micron powder is designed for grinding, lapping, polishing and fine finishing application. It is mainly used in the fine machining and finishing of glass, ceramics, tungsten carbide, semi-conductors, electronic components, PCD and PCBN tools.
We supply a wide range, from 0~1 to 54-80  microns.

If you want to get a mirror finish on stone, glass or hard metals then our diamond paste is a must. Available in fine to coarse grades. You can take a relatively coarse and grained looking piece of work down to a superb mirror finish in no time.

The diamond grinding paste is mixed with a water soluble oil and comes in an easy to apply 5g syringe so the paste is ready to use and is easy to apply. Use on glass, metals, ceramic and mineral surfaces to give a superfine mirror finish.

  • 0 - 3 micron for final polishing
  • 6 - 25 micron for lapping and pre-polishing
  • 30 - 100 micron for rapid stock remo